If you have ants invading your NJ or NYC home, we have the solution!

Ants are teeny tiny scavengers that can cause a big mess in your NJ or NYC home. This is one of the most common pest problems solved by the Titan exterminators, yet one of the most complex. Ants come in a number of shapes and sizes, with different species often requiring specialized annihilation plans.

Titan Pest Control is Armed to Annihilate Ants that Invade Your Home

Ants can enter your home through the smallest crack imaginable, seeking out moisture and any available food sources. These are creatures who will feed off of anything, from a moldy piece of wood, to a steak dinner. Working like a small army, an ant colony will send out the scouts first and then order the troops to follow once a food source has been found.

In order for an exterminator to effectively eradicate ants from your home, they must first be able to identify the species they are dealing with. The team at Titan Pest Control is fully trained and knowledgeable in ant identification and control and will be able to quickly develop a plan of attack to rid your home of this pesky little pest.a

An Army of Ants Requires an Army of Titans to Destroy Them

An ant infestation inside of a NJ and NYC home is usually multi-dimensional. There are the ants that are visible and then there is the nest where the rest of the army is hiding in wait. Titan Pest Control not only destroys the ants you can see, we track the ants back to their nest and work to take out the reserves with them. This multi-step approach gets to the root of your ant issue.

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